NENa Survey Results

NENa Survey

We had 179 people complete the survey. Here are the results.

150 people entered their Postal Code. Here is the postal code map. We received surveys from all over the neighbourhood which is great.

We received a good cross section of answers for this question as well.

Top Answers
Waterfront - 114
Walkability - 88
People - 44
Location - 41
All of the above!
Sports-sailing,rowing,fishing winter and summer,skating
The friendly neighbours who watch out for each other
rejuvenatation, development of waterfront and renovated housing
Feels like a small town in the city
A true sense of community, not just houses that folks never come out of.
What are the top worst things? outdoor burning (air pollution), Parking pads, lack of street trees.
Near downtown/James North
gentrification of neighbourhood

Top Answers
Drive through Traffic - 67
City Not Respecting Neighbourhood - 45
Increased Taxes - 36
Too Much Traffic - 35
Competition for Street Parking - 35
Too Much Development 29
Dangerous intersection at James at Strachan - city notified many times, changes yet to be seen
too much social housimg, absentee landlords, nena
Traffic speeding
the needles that we have found in/around the exeercise park on multiple occassions, we are on the dead end so it is a nicer area than some that I have seen
Inadequate infrastructure maintenance (sidewalks, roads)
Awful smell from Bunge plant
90% of drivers do not obey 30K limit, of those at least 30% exceed 50K and fail to share the road
Speed of traffic
Poorly paved streets
1. One way streets, 2. Ensuring a connected & thriving community with new development plans
Drugs. Crime.
My partner and I experience a lot of sexist and homophobic harassment.
Lack of housing diversity: affordability and household types.
City keeps trying to turn our street 2 way ... Very upsetting!!!
losing family housing
too much social, low income housing; absentee landlords; thugs run nena
Lack of affordable housing as neighbourhood gentrifies
Conflicting public interest groups is a major challenge. Traffic calming measures have gone overboard and very little for youth in terms of athletics.
increase bay front water quality!
30km limit never enforced
Lack of community spirit to work together towards a common liveable neighbourhood, Front yard paved PARKING PADS taking away from green and treed front lawns, permable surfaces, cooling and shade
streets in poor repair
Street parking availability is a huge concern of mine
he biggest fear I have from a public safety perspective is the John St bridge. I live on Strachan and people drive so quickly over that hill, that I worry I'm going to get hit every time I turn in my car. My biggest fear is a pedestrian being hit trying to cross on foot. I'd love to see John become two way, because it will slow down traffic, but that bridge is the biggest concern.
aged infrastructure, road surfaces/grades, uneven grading of properties
lack of local shopping / banking / gas etc.

Top Answers:
Too Much Traffic - 85
Competition for Street Parking - 67
Too Much Development - 66
Drive Through Traffic - 52
Increased Taxes - 43
increased social housing, too much traffic calming
Traffic speeding
parks that are around are far an few between and not always safe for the little ones to play at
People in our neighbourhood don't have driveways if this street turns to  2 way many cars will be damaged . Street is way to narrow . When Harbour front development starts we don't want this street used for trucks!!!
Lack of Family Housing - 3 bedrooms
too much focus on keeping the meighbourhood down; lack of nena to listen to other opinions than their own;
See response to previous question, they won't change.
aged infrastructure/ increased population
We need more noise, like music at patios.
-too much social housing, need more gentrification, too much opposition to change
its speculation though..who knows how it will pan out

Yes - 133
No - 41
No opinion - 5


Yes - 148
No - 19
No opinion - 3
No answer - 8


Yes - 145
No - 25
No opinon/no answer - 9

Top Answers:
Traffic Increases - 105
Adhere to building/zoning heights and densities - 84
Provide sufficient on site parking - 79
Range of housing types - 70
food access and security, condos instead of public space is a shameful move.
Looking forward to increased development, more commercial development, services like banks, library, restaurants, shops..
Garden space
Increase public transit to the area.
Redo all the streets so that they’re not full of pot holes
eople who work/visit General Hospital park on Ferguson Avenue and surrounding streets ALL DAY!  No other neighbourhood in Hamilton near a hospital allows this to occur.  Residents struggle to backout of their driveways due to poor visibility and the increased traffic flow as people use Ferguson as a throughway. 
nsuring housing development is integrated with other important community features such as public space, retail, connection to existing development
Maintaining public access to the waterfront.
Increase public transit to accommodate the development
More parking should be available when collective arts has something going on. Driveways get blocked on burlington st due to not enough parking. I think they are the best thing to happen to the northend.
As I mentioned we don't want our street used for construction vehicles to do work at bottom of street .
Make sure we have mixed income housing, not only low income, social housing
As a large group of new residents come into the area please keep in mind that the current residents should not have to cowtail to their specific needs
HSR is going to have to up their game or someone else will.
"Character zoning" which allows for closer frontages, no parking, keeping with current housing stock.  Bringing the Real Estate industry in town in line with marketing our neighbourhood as URBAN and WALKABLE and perhaps less car centric.  What are the top 3 most EXCITING development related issues for me?: increased vital and safer street life, new commercial life within close walking distance, better mix of culture and class in my new neighbours.
public greenspace
More amenities
We must avoid over-intensification on the waterfront which will diminish the reasons people come to the area at present. ie, natural setting, open space, etc.
The traffic calming measures are making things worse and I have never seen a police officer to enforce. Nice move blocking Burlington street so everyone comes up MacNab
Inadequate Alternative Transportation
do not add more social housing, allow more development, allow more gentrification
Tiny House Community

Top Answers:
Increased Traffic through our neighbourhood - 104
Parking in our neighbourhood - 58
Loss of Waterview - 38
Lack of Affordable Housing - 35
Too Much Density - 33
Increased traffic speeding.
Environmental abatement of Pier 8
Replacing green space with parking
I am an advocate for high density neighbourhoods.
Most importantly access to the waterfront for ALL
1- Loss of green open spaces & unstructured urban spaces + plans for area provide inadequate green/open space; 2- Developer preference for building small + expensive units will lead to homogenization of neighbourhood population and family/household structure (more higher income couples).
no issue, looking forward to it; lack of density and income means we lose amenities like banks, libraries, shpos, etc.
Loss of all convenient and free parking at the pier for those using the park, trail, skate rink and Williams.  Paid, underground parking is not acceptable. 
10 years+ of constant construction is my one issue.  What are the positive results of this development? Retention and replacement of services (eg library, grocery store, etc),
Added pollution
I hope that the city has consulted with experts from cities like Chicago and New York and Pittsburgh who have made their waterfronts beautiful and accessible to all the people who live in their city.
accepting that new residents are now northenders too and whatever goals we have for residents will be goals that goals that embrace, consider and include them too.
Sorry.  I couldn't choose only three. Density, parking, too large a development, loss of waterview, changes to the boating clubs, lack of affordable housing...
No negative outcomes.  Wonderful shops and restaurants and a sustainable community
The traffic calming measures will make things worse
too many delays by special interest groups, get it built before I die, waterfront 1500 units should not have more social housing
design should be of top quality, not generic, mock Victorian with no sense of place

Top Answers:
Shops and Restaurants - 73
New Promenade Park - 62
Board Walk - 41
All of the above!
Bring more people to Hamilton and put Hamilton on the Map!
there is no positive. i dont care my house is worth more. we lost the chance to extend the bayfront parks and have more green and public space
all of the above as long as institutional is not social services
no good  . to much traffic on John  street
no positive attributes
all of these are positives, not just 3
New KINDS of people moving into our neighbourhood (we already have waterfront access to Bayfront Park.  new waterfront access below the RYC will (would?) be nice!
increased population leading to better services
Outdoor patios with music

Other Comments:

We want to be a livable neighbourhood, but we don't want to be so elitist that hard working people need to pass us by and live even further away from where they work. Densities can increase without increasing vehicle traffic if we're careful to also bring in places people can work and convenient public transit. There should at very least be expanded service at West Harbour Go, and frequent shuttle service from the new lakefront development to the Go Station.

I hope people in NEN can get along with each other and the community. It SEEMS like the org just likes to fight a lot and is less friendly to the community. It would be a plus (to me) if they worked harder at BUILDING friendships and having occasions for the neighbourhood to develop more community comradery rather than reasons to be mad at someone (everyone). I am sorry to say that, because I feel many people on NEN give a lot to the community (A LOT), and spend a great deal of time giving of their time.  But, it does seem that there is a lot of rancor produced by meetings/ involved in the meetings.  (Just my opinion) Wishing for more kindly reaching out to care, in kindly, courteous fashion.  
I sincerely believe NEN will continue to strive  for a deverse family oriented affordable neighbourhood.

Nena needs to be clear that they don't speak for the neighborhood, only a few squeaky wheels. Unfortunately those few voices have no tolerance for opposing views and have turn people off of being involved.

I'm pretty new to the area -- nice to meet you and thanks for involving me :) 

What is going on with the OMB decision on environmental assessment on Pier 8.    I'd also like to know if there is any kind of neighbor dispute resolution system in place.

quit trying to disrupt an already great neighbourhood trying to appease contractors,realty companies and out of town home buyers I like my neighbourhood as it is.Nothing was done when we lost our library,our liquor and beer store,our gas station our bank we survived without them

Keep on keeping on 

Great work, Nena!

John  street north.has 2 much traffic.way too much traffic 

Please fix the pavement quality in our neighbourhood!!!!! 

Please fix the parking issue on Ferguson Avenue North (towards Barton end).  People park here ALL DAY, often partially obstructing driveways.  There should be restrictions on parking in a residential neighbourhood all day; either time limited or one side of the street at a time.  It is difficult to back out of your driveway due to the parking lot that is our street.  I cannot street park anywhere near any other major hospital in Hamilton.  Why is it different here in the North End?  Also, Ferguson is used as a throughway for many commuters - wasn't there a plan in place to somehow limit this?  

Traffic calming and redirection around neighbourhood streets is a major concern. Redirecting construction traffic will be a key issue.

Glad you guys exist. Thanks for the community work that you do :)

30km/hr great idea  Posts in the road jutting out to narrow the space TERRIBLE idea. It causes more potential for accidents.   Also, the traffic flow cut off at the end of Hughson makes no sense.   Very happy that John St. did not become a two-way. 

Thank you for your work!

Housing should have an affordable component, judged by ratio of housing cost to income; traffic calming should be viewed as a neighbourhood wide system and changes considered accordingly. 

Thanks for reaching out with this survey!

I wish nana was more open to opinions and input other than the few that dominate the floor - like Herman and Kevin. Because of these types many neighbours have no faith in nena

My personal opinion on John st. Traffic flow is to keep it one way; a single lane for traffic, a full lane for parking and a bike lane. Just putting it out there because I know it’s been a contentious issue. Thanks

I know several local people who will not fill out this survey as they do not use computers.

These so called "Traffic Calming Measures" have only contributed to road rage and given pedestrians and cyclists carte blanche to cross streets without looking and ride in the middle of the road especially at night with no lights. A driver's nightmare ! 

Speak for all north enders  Not the ones you agree with      

It is important that community process includes everyone, not just members of NENA and powerful city lobby groups (for profit and not for profit)

how will the information from this survey be used?

Thank you for caring.

The development at pier 8 should not happen. It should remain park space as originally intended. Gentrification. 

I can't attend most of your meetings as I am at work at the time. 

I work Wednesday evenings so I am unavailable to go to the meetings. I would attend if possible. 

John street needs to be 2 way traffic as per plan.

Survey could include questions about poor infrastructure and roads in the NorthEnd

Great job getting this out

crosswalks for discovery drive at Guise St. and a crosswalk between Hughson Street through Guses Street East.

Thank you  greatly for allowing me to voice my opinion.

*Please* consider -   The 30 km speed limit is rarely obeyed.  Laws that aren't enforced mock those who made them.  40 is appropriate in a residential area.  |  Bump-outs create angry drivers, not careful ones.  Block any future bump-outs and instead, put in speed bumps.  That will slow traffic better than an unenforced speed limit and roadrage-inducing bump-outs.  People who are "drive-throughs" will avoid the speed bumps and those of us who live here will have access to our own neighbourhood.   

The traffic calming measures are awful. Nobody knows courtesy and I spend so much time waiting because people don’t know how to take turns. Not smart blocking Burlington street

Hard slog! Good luck. Please try to keep complete streets at the centre of what you do. The traffic management plan is your crowning accomplishment.

I have very limited faith that the City will not cow tow to the developers. Developers always want to skimp and eliminate parking and the also always want to go higher. Do not sell out.

Some of those questions are a bit leading ... but otherwise the main issue is getting people interested and engaged. That doesn't necessarily mean attend meetings, but it could. Really just more familiar and comfortable talking about things good, bad, and indifferent that are happening. BBQs and other social events would be good, especially when there are big events like Canada Day happening in the hood.

NEN does not represent the population at large but only the special interests of their key members. NEN comes across as against any and all development which has caused massive time delays to the extent that the revitalization of the waterfront will probably not happen in my lifetime.

I feel that the traffic calming is excellent.  However one of the corners is very badly planned.  This is at Bay and Ferrie.  It is because the bump out should have been moved to the other sides of Bay, due to the fact that there is a handicapped permit parking spot.  I think this is poor planning.  (the right not talking to the left)

Great to see neighbourhood association back in action.

Keep me up to date on what is happening 

I would like to be able to make comments on each question

We need a speed bump on Burlington St. West

Great to see NENa moving forward.

How is this neighbourd expected to deal with increased competition for street parking

Nena not representing the people and more business side and not our community, Nena not respecting the neighbourhood

Nena is representing both sides when they should support our community

Hopefully we won't have a flood of high rise condos in our area. We are different from Toronto Ontario

Thank You