About North End Neighbours


The NEN mission is to advance the social, physical, and cultural interests of the residents of our community, through the identification and research of issues affecting our community, the education of residents and the promotion of their active involvement in the democratic process with civic and provincial governments, to ensure that the interests of our community are protected.

NEN will advance the safety and health of our community by promoting it as a "Child and Family Friendly Neighbourhood", and liaise with police, schools, other social agencies and industry for that purpose.

NEN will achieve these goals by providing a forum for residents for the discussion of all matters of community interest, and developing and fostering a positive community spirit. 

sheri.selway@gmail.com (secretary)

Board of Directors 2017

At our AGM we elected a new Board of Directors for the coming year.
At the first Board meeting, officers were decided among the elected Board.

Our Board of Directors:

Keven Piper
Stephen Park
Bryan Riskes
Dave Stephens

Many thanks to the following people who were on the Board in the past few years.  You did a ton of work!  You will be missed!

Catherine Ahern
Zoe Pipe
Carmen Cooper
Sheri Selway
Dave Stevens
Rob Fiedler
Jon Davey
Curtis Biehler
Richard Bull
Carol Hoblyn-Winn
Thom Davies
Mike Borrelli

Thanks to the many residents who have volunteered to be on the Board over the past several years.

Margie Kneulman - still active in the community!
Chris Pearson - a board member since 2007!  Chris is still active in the neighbourhood and can be found volunteering at Welcome Inn.
Peggyanne Mansfield - Peggyanne was president last year and a member of the Board for the last 2 years and still active in the neighourhood! And is spending time working with Tenants Solidarity Network.
Sandra Hudson - Our former treasurer and still actively involved, especially in the Sunset Cultural Garden.
Victoria Alstein - thanks Victoria!  We know we can call you from time to time!

Helen Bilechuk, Dawn Manning, Gabrielle DiFrancesco, Christine Urquhart, Stephen Park, Mark Turkington, Mary Catharine Lawlor, John Mattinson, Michelle Kolle and others are also former board members.