NEN Subcommittees

The North End Neighbours Inc. has a member-elected Board of Directors that meet regularly to discuss a variety of issues of interest to residents. In addition, NEN convenes ad-hoc committees that can include representation from the Board and membership at large. These committees occasionally report findings or recommendations to the NEN Board of Directors, and these reports are included in the minutes of Board meetings, where applicable.

NEW committees are being organized and we want your participation. STILL in process of being organized, our ideas are listed below.  

Communication - Inform residents about events, Facebook, Twitter, website management, membership communication.  

Community engagement – opportunity for social events, we could possibly do an event in the brewery, grow our membership join the association, fun, socialize

Traffic – monitor and advocate for the Traffic Management Plan, meeting with the City

Neighbourhood Improvement – discuss ideas that enhance the neighbourhood, connect with residents

Neighbourhood development – planning,  OMB appeal, meetings at Evergreen, Urban Design Study



As of April 2015, the following committees still meet to discuss business:

  • Traffic Management Committee - Chair: Shawn Selway. This is committee addresses traffic issues in the North End and is composed of Directors and members of the public. Contact us for committee meeting dates, or if you are interested in volunteering with the TMC.
  • OMB Appeal Committee - Chair: Curtis Biehler. This is a committee of the Board that discusses business related to NEN's ongoing appeal of City planning amendments related to waterfront redevelopment. The appeal is to the Ontario Municipal Board, and due to frequent discussion of legal matters, committee membership is limited to Directors.
  • Other Committees: From time to time, the NEN Board will strike ad-hoc, time-limited committees to delegate work to dedicated groups of citizens with an interest or expertise on a given topic. If you would like to strike a NEN committee for some given purpose, please contact us or come to our next public meeting.