Downtown Casino

February 2013

We had a survey posted on Survey Monkey for several months on the Issue of a Casino Downtown.

61 people completed the survey as of January 31, 2013
50 disagreed with a Downtown Casino.
10 were in agreement with a Downtown Casino.
1 was undecided.

At the end of our statement, are several links you may find useful.

At the January 15 meeting, Councillor Farr asked for a show of hands (he actually needs the information himself). Most of the people at the meeting were in disagreement with a Downtown Casino.

We recognized that the survey we took and the people at the meeting may have been some of the same people.

Members of NEN did considerable research and went to a number of meetings.  We consulted with other neighbourhood associations in Ward 2. 

Casino Statement NEN

North End Neighbours (NEN) does not support a casino downtown or at any location in the
lower city. If the City is to host a casino it should be located at Flamboro Downs. We are not
opposed to change, and welcome development that contributes to a “liveable city”.
Our priority is to be a Child and Family Friendly Neighbourhood. Much of the lower city has
a high level of people living below the poverty line, single parent families, and low income
A casino downtown, in addition to the other new and ongoing developments, will no doubt
add to the traffic congestion and the need for more parking. There are so many unanswered
questions. Some key points to consider:
● OLG predicts that slot revenue is not expected to grow and will plateau
Business Review]
● $1.5 Billion is at risk if we do not support Flamboro Downs. The
existing facility contributes significantly to the local agri-business economy [City of Hamilton 12
April 2012]. We do not know what will happen once the Racino closes in March, but expect
the odds are against them. It is understood that Flamborough residents want the casino as
● The OLG notes that players younger than 45 prefer table games like black
jack and poker, and is targeting sales to this demographic. [OLG MODERNIZING
LOTTERY AND GAMING IN ONTARIO / Strategic Business Review]. The City will not be
receiving revenue from gaming tables [OLG presentation 9Nov12].
● $7.6 Million funding cuts to the City’s social services by the Provincial
Government [The Hamilton Spectator 28Dec12]. Yet it is downtown which is the heart of
the Code Red neighbourhoods [Incomes and Poverty in Hamilton Social Planning and
Research Council of Hamilton – April 2009].
● We do not have a local casino, yet the stats on gambling from the Board of Health
beg the question - how much will we pay when we do? Already 1% of Hamiltonians
(5,006 individuals) experience moderate or high risk gambling problems; 18%
(91,080) spent more than they wanted to when gambling, and 4% (20,240) returned
to try to win back money lost. None of these numbers capture the consequences to family
members, friends, workplaces or community services. Youth problem gamblers were
18 more times likely to report suicide attempts than other students [PUBLIC
HEALTH SERVICES report 3Dec12]
● The downtown is growing with new developments, revitalization of James Street, Locke
Street, etc., the success of the Art Crawl and other events. OLG intends to dominate
the leisure and entertainment share of discretionary spending. But that’s
the money we spend downtown at the restaurants, shops, theatres, clubs, etc. and keeps
our local businesses alive. Further it plans, in addition to opening casinos in
all the major markets in Ontario, to open more bingos with VLT’s, and
expand lottery sales to where people (mainly under 45) shop like multilanes
in supermarkets and big box stores. [OLG MODERNIZING LOTTERY AND
GAMING IN ONTARIO / Strategic Business Review]
*Therefore, North End Neighbours does not support a casino downtown nor anywhere else in
the lower city.
*We intend to insert the results of a recent poll and the results of the vote to be
taken at the January 15 general meeting of NEN.

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