Traffic Plan Update: Streets Safe for All!


First in Ontario

The Traffic Management Plan for the North End is in its 3rd year of a 5 year implementation.  The Traffic Plan is part of keeping our neighbourhood a liveable, safe community for all as changes happen on the West Harbour.
First In Ontario, Safe and Friendly Streets: North End

As more and more Cities look for ways of keeping their streets safe, Hamilton can be proud of its first whole neighbourhood safe street initiative!  First in Ontario!  

Both NEN and Public Works have written summary reports on the 2014 implementation of the traffic plan. They can be viewed and downloaded here

Also at that address you will find the full implementation schedule and maps.

Please note that item B2 Ferguson: Strachan to Burlington - the bike lane has been removed from the plan, owing to the loss of parking the lane would cause.

Similarly, B3, Guise,Dock Service Road to west end, bike lane, has been removed, as this would cause loss of parking and is redundant because there is an existing paved shared bike and pedestrian trail.


As part of the Setting Sail process, started in 2002, the City, and a team of consultants, engaged stakeholders and the broader community in a series of consultation events aimed at identifying common principles, opportunities and constraints, met together which became the basis for the Secondary Plan and transportation network.

Throughout the study process, significant public consultation occurred. During these public consultation events, traffic concerns were frequently mentioned. The main concerns expressed by residents relating to existing and anticipated traffic issues in the North End Neighbourhood include:

  •  the infiltration of through traffic on local streets 
  • the overall increase in traffic in the neighbourhood 
  • the possible loss of on-street parking on streets due to roadway improvements and traffic requirements during peak periods 
  •  the extension of the grid network into the Waterfront development area, in Pier8
  •   the traffic generated by special events in the Waterfront area
  •   traffic safety and speeding  
 Accordingly, the North End Traffic Management Plan (NETMP) was initiated to address these concerns and approved by Council in 2007.  The plan was subsequently appealed to the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB), by representatives of the North End Neighbourhood (NEN).  In December 2012, the OMB rendered a decision in favour of the Council approved plan. 

As plans continue to unfold on the West Harbour, NEN continues to work for significant public consultation.