Mary Street Bridge - Clearing out the Brush

A friend and neighbour on Strachan Street reported that someone had been assaulted in the brush beside the path leading to the Mary Street Bridge on the October 25/26 weekend.  The assault was heard and police were called.  We have since talked to our neighbourhood police officer and Councillor Jason Farr who also contacted the appropriate City department.

Meanwhile, on November 2, several of us decided to go ahead and clear out the brush beside the pathway to make the area safer.  It turned out to be a rather nice, sunny day and what seemed like a huge job, went by in a few hours.  Many hands make light work and all that!

Our goal was to make sight lines from the pathway to the CN fence below. The last photo shows that you can now see down to the fence. It is actually a nice spot, so we hope to plant milkweed there - the perfect location!- in the spring.