James St. North Traffic Calming Measures

Steve Malloy from the City has sent the last version drawing of  the design that he was given from Barton to Strachan.

According to Steve, "the decision to construct curb extensions was made by our design section as GO bus circulation and City garbage trucks would have difficulty navigating the traffic circle. The IBI design only illustrated a fire truck, which could make turns by not following the proper circulation pattern of the traffic circle.

As the design shows, the section of James south of Strachan will be narrowed to improve the feel of the street. Also, an intersection pedestrian signal has been designed across from the GO entrance and the Liuna driveway. Discussions are on-going with GO to fund the signal, so the timing of implementation may or may not be ready for the station opening.

Also, I have requested that the sections of the existing curb on Strachan that has the horse tie down rings be cut out and preserved. I hope the contractor follows through on the request."

Click the image to view a PDF version.