Feb 19, 2014

North End Neighbours Association 

Directors Meeting Agenda

February 20, 2014

6:30 P.M. Bennetto Recreation Centre

 Meeting Facilitator: Peggyanne Mansfield
   1. Call to order
   2. Approval of minutes from last meeting
   3. Committee Reports and Old Business
a)      Updates on Barton/Tiffany
b)      Implementation Team Report
c)      By-Law Report
d)      Participatory Budget Report from… Dave… Plus Naturalist Club Report
e)      Presidents Report: Update on 
McMaster History Project
Working with Welcome Inn to engage more of our neighbourhood and to get more people involved with Participatory Budgeting. 
f)        Report on Governance Training with Sandy Shaw
 Report on Emergency Meeting at Fishers re: discussion on City Hall Meeting   
g)        City Hall Meeting/Waterfront Recreational Master Plan
h)       Treasurers Report… tabled to next meeting 
i.)  Jamesville Hub Report
i)          Go Station Focus Group…Judy and Thom
j)          Community Council Meeting… Peggyanne