Implementation Has Begun

A small team met in February with several City Officials including Councillor Farr to begin the implementation process of the "North End Traffic Management Plan"

This plan, approved and voted on by City Council in 2010, is the plan approved by the OMB.  

NEN was disappointed in the OMB decision as we had appealed this plan and during mediation with the City had suggested several additions and changes.However, now we work within this plan. We recognize the many positive aspects to it.

Residents should realize that in Setting Sail, the Secondary Plan, a traffic plan MUST be implemented to deal with traffic BEFORE any work can be done on Pier 7 &8.  This plan is an attempt to deal not only with present issues of  volume and speed of traffic but FUTURE problems as the waterfront is developed.
Pier 7 is slightly east of Discovery Drive.  The City of Hamilton is negotiating for these key waterfront lands with the Port Authority and would open up the land for new development.


In the immediate future, the City and our team will do a “walk-about” the neighbourhood to review the plan.  We are planning a joint, public “Ribbon Cutting Ceremony” tentatively for May, with an “Action Plan” to be released at that time. 

NEN appreciates the many comments and suggestions to implement the traffic plan.  Most of the suggestions/comments are listed on the "Traffic Management" page of this blog.

The Traffic Plan that is being implemented has been written by the IBI, a consultation firm which is rated #3 globally.  IBI is a transportation planning expert and was hired by the City to do the traffic study and the neighbourhood traffic plan. IBI is a recognized leader in transportation planning.  and is "a leader in sustainable transportation, with an approach that integrates transportation, land use, urban design, and engineering design to promote healthy cities and economic competitiveness and to enhance quality of life.The firm has won numerous awards for this approach to our transportation master plans, multimodal integration, transit-oriented development, and rapid transit designs."

By Sheri Selway