OMB Decision Finally Here.

The OMB's decision has finally been released! Our final argument was August 2011.

We did not win Burlington and James street in the 30K speed limit, nor did we get the traffic management plan imbedded in the Secondary Plan. The safety and vitality of our entire neighbourhood is paramount, and the exclusion of Burlington Street and James Street from the 30K plan will have a real impact on our community. It was a deciding factor in going to the appeal process. 

Here is a copy of the City Traffic management Plan Map.


There will be a NEN meeting at Bennetto Rec Centre on Jan. 15 at 7:00.  The meeting was announced in the Breezes to discuss the Simcoe Tot Lot and Casino issues, however, we decided some time will be needed to go over the OMB decision first and hear members comments.  In addition, we want our members to be thinking about how to "make it happen". Where to start

We did get something.

The OMB found that we are a vital family oriented neighbourhood and that traffic can have a major impact on the health and safety of our families and particularly on the lives of our children.
The OMB decision states efforts should be made to improve streetscaping and signage as soon as possible “to create the atmosphere of a child and family-friendly community.”  NEN should be given an opportunity to provide input into the process. 

The OMB also states in its conclusion that It is appropriate that traffic calming and management measures be implemented in the Neighbourhood as a pilot project for a period of five years. This will provide time for these measures to have their full effect, for analysis and modifications. However, it is important to start at once to implement selected measures in order to convey to drivers that they are entering into a different environment where slower speeds and deference to pedestrians is required. Drivers must be given the message that they are potentially in conflict with children and that they must drive in a slower and more cautious manner. Drivers should be induced to feel they are participating in protecting the safety of pedestrians, especially children.

So, we got:

  • 5 year pilot project
  • 30 K on all residential streets with calming measures
  • NEN on the implementation, review and analysis team.
  • Start up "at once"
  • Recognition that a message needs to be given to drivers.
  • Recognition that we are a vital Child and family friendly community.

Thank YOU to our members for supporting our efforts on behalf of the neighbourhood.   The OMB report recognizes that many people attended and spoke at the public session.

We are interested in your questions and comments. We hope to see you on January 15 at 7:00.  Time permitting, agenda items are OMB Decision, Casino, and Simcoe Tot Lot.