Back in 2005 City Council approved a new Secondary Plan for the North End and parts of Beasley, Central, and Strathcona Neighbourhoods. The portion of this area known as Barton-Tiffany, just south of the CN rail yard, was to be re-zoned for residential development. CN Rail opposed this part of the plan, and appealed to the Ontario Municipal Board. This appeal was parked during the Stadium debates, and is now set to resume. This affects our entire community.
The City has now reversed its position and bent toward the CN view – WITHOUT public consultation. This decision would make a very large piece of land off limits for potential residential uses. This is a major change to the Setting Sail Secondary Plan – yet the City maintains there is no need to have a public discussion. We think that's wrong.

What do you think?
Please join us on
Tuesday Sept 13
at 7:00
for an information session and public discussion at the
Workers Arts and Heritage Centre
51 Stuart Street
More people living in the centre of our city means more support for businesses and public amenities. Residential intensification makes our schools, churches and recreation centres stronger and safe from closures. It is possible for the rail yard and new residents to co-exist in Barton-Tiffany – just as they do at C.P. Rail’s Aberdeen Yard in the southwest near the Chedoke Golf course.
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