Stadium Plan B: East Mountain

NEN president, Sheri Selway, attended the July 7, 2010 Committe of the Whole special meeting where Michael Fenn presented the "Report of the Facilitator: City of Hamilton and Tiger-Cat discussions on the location of the Hamilton stadium facilities for the 2015 Pan Am Games and subsequent uses".

The report looked at the West Harbour precinct stadium location and an East Mountain Location.  For the West Harbour, the parties disagreed "in respect to the adequacy of highway access and the availability of parking, both volume and convenience."  Both parties acknowledged that the level of analysis was not yet sufficient to answer all the operational and financial questions.  In addition, the City plans further transportation and traffic studies to support any required roadway, transit and traffic improvements and modifications.

Although the Tiger-Cats expressed concern over the limitations of the West Harbour site, neither the City or the Cats could produce a detailed proposal for the alternative location, as proposed in the Terms of Reference.

The parties agreed that the criteria for an alternative site would include: meeting City's public policy goals, not at the expense of the West harbour development, , meeting as many as possible of the Tiger Cats objectives.

The Tiger Cats objectives were - highway access, seating for 30,000 with expansion to 45,000 for a Grey Cup, potential for increased revenues, prominent visibility for "naming rights", avoiding uncertainty of land-use and environmental approvals, along with allaying neighbourhood impacts, and assemble the land quickly and at a reasonable price.

The Facilitator recommended that City advise the PAG officials, & the government of Ontario that Hamilton participate in the Pan Am Games at one of two definite locations, with the final location to be selected by the City Council by August 31, 2010.

In addition, technical analysis of the West Harbour site be completed by Aug. 12 and a similar range of technical analysis on the East Mountain site.

The City Report stated in their update that pursuing option B will still result in redevelopment of the West harbour precinct to achieve city building goals.

The Pan Am Games update from the meeting can be found at this link:

The Report of the Facilitator can be found at:

Bob Young's letter to the Mayor can be found at:

No mention of the Velodrome, was made, but it seems fairly logical to consider putting the Velodrome at the West Harbour, then add greenspace, and housing to increase density and to achieve Hamilton's goal for progressive developments in its downtown and promoting the West Harbour.