Comments for Committee of the Whole: Feb. 18, 2010

Last February, citing concerns for our neighbourhood, North End Neighbours urged council not to make Barton-Tiffany the preferred site for a new stadium, but to stick to the designation from Setting Sail.

Today, Council will vote to put a stadium on the West-Harbour, our doorstep.

Within our neighbourhood the issue of putting a stadium on that location is hotly debated. But, for or against, the worry is how a stadium at the West Harbour will affect our neighbourhood. We want a healthy, child and Family-Friendly community. We want to be protected from the negative impacts of a stadium at our doorstep including traffic and parking.

We are interested in making sure a stadium is transportation-friendly for walking, biking, and with shuttles bringing people in rather than driving through our residential streets.

We are interested in a LEED stadium built with excellence, incorporating environmentally-friendly designs and concepts.

Issues that have been brought forward and continue to be discussed amongst neighbours include: before and after game parties, game noise, what the stadium will look like, what kind of use it will get, will it be a “wall” facing the neighbourhood, how lights will affect neighbourhood, community use, traffic, parking, how streets will be blocked off, and which streets will become main arterials.

All will impact our neighbourhood.

A West Harbour Stadium combined with the West Harbour Recreational Master Plan puts our neighbourhood under real pressure especially with the increased traffic and parking. While we certainly see changes coming, and coming fast, we want to remain a healthy, pedestrian friendly community. A neighbourhood welcoming and safe for seniors, handicapped, singles, and families with children. We call it a Child and Family Friendly Neighbourhood.

In keeping with the Hamilton vision of the Best Place to Raise a Child, North End, (and other adjacent neighbourhoods) needs to be protected from major increases in through traffic and event parking. We strongly urge a 5th recommendation be added to the 4 recommendations being voted on today.

a) that approval of the site includes implementation of a program to ensure that the North End Neighbourhood is protected from adverse traffic and parking impacts related to the stadium/velodrome site uses, through comprehensive traffic and parking management strategies to be developed in consultation with residents of that neighbourhood.