Rezoning? Your Comments Are Needed!

Readers of this blog may have noticed a "Notice to Rezone" sign at 366 Bay Street North!  NEN president Sheri Selway, met with Timothy Lee at the City planning department, as a 3 story 6 unit condominium is planned to be built at this site if it is rezoned.

What would a 3 story, 6 unit condominium look like?  Some concerns from residents include:
  • that it would be "out of character" with the surrounding neighbourhoood, 
  • height (see photo, previous entry), 
  • blocking view of water, 
  • loss of privacy, 
  • increased traffic and parking issues.
However, Mr. Lee clarified that rezoning is separate from "urban design".  Before the plans can be approved, the zoning by-law must be changed.  This is frustrating for residents, as the "design" is linked to the usage or zoning! Essentially, the change in zoning is NOT linked to the plans.
In principal, increasing density in urban core neighbourhoods meets with provincial initiatives to increase populations in the City boundaries rather than constantly expanding our city borders and building new subdivisions. As there are several other places in the North End (and in the downtown) where "infill" housing can take place, it is important for this to be done properly if rezoning takes place. Your comments on this project are needed!

To further our understanding of the plans, the architect, John Mokrycke, and owner Clark Cerello spoke to the January NEN board meeting bringing the "photos" (below) and drawings. Below, are notes from the meeting in point form, many of the points are in answer to questions raised.
  • planned to be "higher end" conominiums - $250,000 and up - all are to be sold (rather than rented)
  • planned to "fit into neighbourhood" with style of building,  designed with a "historical" angle
  • environmentally friendly
  • existing house remains and will be rebricked.
  • the existing house is 2 1/2 stories so new building will be taller.  Plans show it to be 36 ft high.
  • "green" roof over parking spaces (8 - 9) in the back
  • bedrooms will be facing the backyard (in creased safety in back)
  • the plans do not touch the alley
Please send comments to Timothy Lee at the Planning Department of City Hall.  905 546 2424 ext. 1249 or email

Also Bob Bratina needs to know at 546 2424.  

The City will prepare a recommendation to be sent to the Economic Development and Planning Committee of City Council.  There will be  public meeting organized as well.

If you choose to NOT comment and the rezoning is approved, you have no further recourse with the OMB (Ontario Municipal Board).