"Traffic Greeters" Slow Down Traffic

NEN and supporters are gathering  the first week of school to remind vehicles "rushing" over the John Street bridge, that 2 schools (Bennetto and St. Lawrence) are just ahead and they need to drive slowly and carefully!  The School Council at Bennetto joined in as well as people walking by with their children.  We are all concerned about the speed of traffic coming over the John Street North railroad overpass. 

Residents are supportive and appreciative, joining in and carrying signs - even giving out coffee and treats! Many people stop and talk! More and more people are joining in - even students on their way to school.

"Traffic Greeters" events are organized by the Board of Directors of NEN to address the problem of speeding drivers in a area that is hard hit by the volume and speed of traffic cutting through the North End.  Our "Child and Family Friendly Neighbourhood" initiative will see speed reduced on all streets to 30K.  Supported by Councillor Bob Bratina, 30K is an important part of making our neighbourhood and the City of Hamilton The Best Place To Raise A Child.

We were happy to notice that cars, buses, taxis, and trucks responded with waves and slowed down and we hope that drivers will remember our "greeting" and understand that is is a potentially dangerous area for local school children!