North End Traffic Management Study Goes Before Council

The Traffic Management Study which we have worked so hard on the last few years is going before Council Wednesday evening.

Contrary to what was published in the Spectator, the Public Works Committee has agreed to a 30 km/h speed limit on all streets except James and Burlington.

We have gathered 700 plus signatures on our petition in support of a Child & Family Friendly Neighbourhood and blanket 30 km/h limit from residents, visitors and businesses. It should be noted that more than 95 % of those approached agreed to sign the petition, which shows the high level of support in the Neighbourhood for this action.

Just this weekend we have also gathered 70 signed letters of those living on and close to James and Burlington demanding that these streets are included in the pilot project with 30 km/h speed limits. Not to do so will mean the neighbourhood is divided into 3 areas, require a lot of signs and generally cause confusion in drivers and pedestrians and negates the idea that cut-through commuter traffic should go around the neighbourhood, not through it.

We strongly encourage you to attend the Council Meeting tomorrow evening to support the implementation of a full Child and Family Friendly Neighbourhood.
City Council Meeting - Wednesday, January 28th, 7:00 p.m. Hamilton Convention Centre – Albion Room.