$35 to $55 Million in Changes to Waterfront!

By now everyone should know that there are big changes planned for the Waterfront. Pier 8 will be developed with between 750 and 1000 residential units sometime within the next 10 years. Recently the City also announced massive planning changes to the waterfront from Bayfront Park to Pier 8!!

All docks in Macassa Bay will be removed and replaced by new floating docks in a proposed new Marina Basin. The aim is to concentrate all boat dockage in a large basin in front of the current Royal Hamilton Yacht Club and Port Authority Marina behind a larger floating breakwater. The shoreline between Pier 4 Park and Pier 8 will be straightened and raised to meet current standards and City Staff insist they will not spend money to improve the waterfront as it exists now.

Some of the Major Changes to Boating will be: demolishing and re-building at least 5 buildings + a new break wall + new docks + new water’s edge treatments.
Macassa Bay Yacht Club – Current building torn down and club relocated to newly built shared facility in space between Leander and RHYC
Macdonald Marine – All buildings removed and possible relocation to current Port Authority location in new buildings. No on shore storage to be allowed during the summer.
Hamilton Bay Sailing Club – Relocated to new shared facility on current location of MBYC
Leander Boat Club – Current building torn down and new shared facility built on current location of MBYC
Royal Hamilton Yacht Club – Current buildings torn down and new shared facility in space between the existing Leander and RHYC buildings.

Many in the boating community are completely opposed to these plans. This applies especially to Macassa Bay YC, as the only self-help facility will no longer exist in its current form. There is the danger that, after agreeing to these plans, they will be changed and the clubs will end up with facilities that do no meet their needs.

Major Changes to Waterfront Parks:
Pier 4 Park – Add trees and use green space to create outdoor winter skating rink
Bayfront Park – Washrooms and a picnic shelter will be built on site. We have asked these be located close to the beach.
- We have also asked that any food concessions and boat rental facilities be co-located in the planned Leander / HBSC building on the MBYC site, rather than on their own in the park.

While there are some good things in this plan and the City is hoping the Province and Federal Governments will chip in, it’s still awfully expensive! We feel improvements can be made to the waterfront without the proposed massive changes or cost.

For more information click here for a link to the City's website.