North End Neighbourhood Business Plan

An Agreement between the People of the North End Neighbourhood,
The City of Hamilton and
The Hamilton Police Service
North End Residents
“North End Neighbours” Neighbourhood Association
Councillor Bob Bratina
The Hamilton Police Service
Banyan Community Services
Our Objective
To identify the policing, security and “quality of life” issues within our community and to work in partnership with one another to address those needs.
“We want to make the North End Neighbourhood a healthy environment to live work and play.”
Strategic Directions
Road Safety
Reduction in Property Crime
Youth Issues
Goal One
All participants will work together to develop an improved communication network
1.1) Members of the North End Neighbourhood through their Neighbourhood Association will organize, where possible, a community network and e-mail out system.
1.2) Members of the North End Neighbourhood through their Neighbourhood Association will develop a “phone tree” for dissemination of information.
1.3) “North End Neighbours” will implement a website and use same for community notification and updates
1.4) The Hamilton Police Service will have a representative at community meetings to facilitate the exchange of information and enhance the communication process.
1.5) The Hamilton Police Service will access all available media venues (North End Breezes) to update and advise the community on policing issues.
1.6) The Hamilton Police Service will hold, when applicable, community information meetings to address “emergent community issues”.
1.7) The Hamilton Police Service will add to it’s corporate website a “North End Community” page which will be updated by the North End Community Crime Manager.
1.8) Councillor Bob Bratina and the City of Hamilton will implement and hold quarterly meetings with representatives of all Neighbourhood Associations in his ward. This will facilitate the exchange of information.
1.9) All participants will link websites and Banyan Community Services will “link in” as well.
Goal Two
Road Safety
2.1) The North End residents, through the North End Neighbourhood Association will endeavour to develop and have implemented a “Road Safety Initiative” for the North End Community.
2.2) The Hamilton Police Service will implement an “Adopt a Corner” initiative for North End patrol officers. This will require two hours of enforcement (or high visibility deterrence) a week at pre-determined intersections (See appendix A).
2.3) Councillor Bob Bratina will assist and offer support for implementation of the North End “Road Safety Initiative”.
Goal Three
Reduction in Property Crime
3.1) All participants will work cooperatively to facilitate the exchange of Crime Prevention measures and information. Medium: Public Notices, presentations, crime trend notices and website postings.
3.2) The Hamilton Police Service will implement two projects dedicated to the investigation, and enforcement of property crime offences in the North End.
3.3) Patrol officers will develop intelligence information on property crime offenders and identify trends.
3.4) North End Neighbours and the Hamilton Police Service will facilitate security audits, where applicable, following Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design protocol.
Goal Four
Youth Issues
4.1) The Hamilton Police Service will identify “high risk young offenders” in the North End and monitor through the S.T.O.P. program. (strategic targeted offender program)
4.2) The Hamilton Police Service Youth School Officers will attend all North End neighbourhood schools monthly.
4.3) The Hamilton Police Service north end patrol officers will continue with their “adopt a school” initiative.
4.4) The Hamilton Police Service patrol officers will dedicate pro-active patrol time to identified “youth trouble spots”.
4.5) The City of Hamilton through councillor Bratina’s office will eradicate graffiti on City Property A.S.A.P.
4.6) Banyan Community Services will implement and run programs targeting “at risk” youth in the north end.
4.7) North End Neighbours and Banyan Community Services will conduct an “audit” of available youth programs accessible to North End residents and: a) Inform the Community and b) participate where possible
Goal Five
5.1) The Hamilton Police Service will do monthly enforcement initiatives in identified “trouble areas”.
5.2) The Hamilton Police Service will seek “alternative approach” initiatives to assist addicted sex trade workers and work in partnership with community organizations in this endeavour.
5.2) The Hamilton Police Service will, through the judicial process, petition the court system to assist with a mind to offence specific and “community invested” sentencing.

This plan will be reviewed in Sept of 07 for the purpose of determining progress, successes and failures. Amendments, where required will be made at that time.